how it feels
to be
bullied & live!

Look Inside: Bullied Dying to Fit In

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What you can't stop, you can learn to overcome.

Bullied Dying to Fit In
Each year, approximately 4,400 children commit suicide due to bullying.Bullied Dying to Fit In is every bullied person’s story and needs to be heard.  Will you listen? 

The book captures the raw emotional side of bullying. Though everyone’s bully story is different, the pain felt is the same.The broken-heart tells the tale.

Bullied Dying to Fit In takes the bullied, the non-bullied and even the bully on an emotional roller-coaster of tears, insight and triumph.  

For Teens, Parents, School Counselors & Teachers.

Helpful Information
The desire to quit life is expressed in parts of the book because that is the truth. Committing suicide is strongly discouraged as a solution to fixing bullying and/or mental health issues.  If you or anyone you know are struggling with any of those issues, please seek help at a support or crisis center in your area or online through local and national organizations.


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Healthy Moms Magazine
Bullying is when someone gets teased, made fun of, gossiped about or physically harmed. We hear stories all the time about kids being bullied. This occurs at school, on the playground and for older kids – online, which is called cyber bullying.  The worst stories about kids being bullied end in tragedy and grief.  Bullying can cause low self esteem, thoughts of and, or carrying out suicide. Read more
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We are trying to raise money for one billboard to help bring awareness to the growing number of children who are ending their lives because of bullying. It is a heartbreaking reality that is appearing in headlines
on an almost daily basis. While we will never be able to stop bullying 100%, through awareness and education we can help bring the number of suicides because of bullying down. Please donate and help us help hurting kids.

Punch me
Slap me
Say mean things about me
Guess what?
I feel
How can you not believe
my pain isn't real?

Crisis Text Line
TEXT: 741741

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
En Espanol: 1-888-628-9454
Deaf and Hard of Hearing: 1-800-799-4889


Bullied Dying to Fit In Blog

 Want to share your bully story and help others? Click here 

If you wish to post your story anonymously, please email your story to normandysbrightideas (at) gmail dot (com) with 'Anonymous Bully Story' in the Subject Line. The story will be posted with the author credit: 'Anonymous Author'.Your personal information  WILL NOT be shared.

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